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Best Short Haircuts of All Time

What’s more iconic: Twiggy’s fluttery lashes or her perfectly-carved crop? Either way, the English actress continues to influence the beauty world. Many famous faces have been known to channel her 1960’s cut, keeping the look current. The timeless beauty lives on.

Keira Knightley's A-line bob draws attention to her delicate features. The above-shoulder length has an elegance that longer styles can't achieve, and the dimension of the cut adds volume. Fact: short hair turns heads.

Michelle Williams has rocked the cropped style for seven years, proving that a lack-of-strands can still look complex and elegant. With flawless side-swept bangs and lustrous layers, her hairdo confirms the pixie is deserving of its iconic stature. Let’s just pretend she isn't starting to grow her tresses out this year.

In 1968, Vidal Sassoon travelled to London to chop Mia Farrow’s covetous long hair into a pixie, cementing it as one of the most influential hair moments of all time. Trimmed in front of reporters, the buzzworthy crop has been adored ever since.

For as long as we’ve been in love with Ginnifer Goodwin, we’ve been equally enamored of her short hair. Her textured layers shape her face and emphasize her soft features. This year the actress admitted she’ll never be caught with long hair again. Approval granted.

Eccentric, bold, and experimental — even Andy Warhol sought for this socialite to be his muse during the Pop Art era. Edie Sedgwick was modern for her time, and brought forward an avant-garde look with her flipped-out, messy coif.


In 2010, Emma Watson chopped her locks and traded them in for an edgy, close-cropped 'do. Her statement style contradicted her innocent Hermione Granger-esque strands, and carried a look of sophistication that helped cement her career as a one-of-a-kind actress.

There’s short, and then there’s micro short. Of the many modern-day hair makeovers to be remembered, one is when Natalie Portman shaved her strands for V for Vendetta. When her hair grew into a pixie, she looked especially strong-willed and graceful.

In her 1960’s films, Jean Seberg wore a pixie with quiet confidence. Her neatly trimmed tresses exposed her subtleties on the big screen and confirmed her femininity. Since then, the cuts’ influence has rippled across the beauty realm.

Carey Mulligan’s signature style has long been the pixie, but when she began to grow it out in 2010, the result was a softer and more playful look. She showcased her short, wispy waves at the London Film Festival that year, and a new level of cropped-hair envy was born.

Prior to founding her fashion label, Victoria Beckham was somewhat of a beauty pundit (she made waves in the mid-2000s with her slicked-down crop). No longer was she viewed as a teen pop sensation, but rather a heavyweight in the fashion industry who managed to reinvent her “posh” title.
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Story by Brittany Devenyi

These iconic cropped styles have stood the test of time.


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