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9 Products That Give You Shine in One Shot

If a standard spray won’t flatten your flyaways, this product is destined to be your hair saviour. It's similar to hairspray, only it tames frizz while coating your locks in a high-gloss mist. Rest assured: your mane will glisten, and not in a grease-ridden way.

It’s a hard fought battle: silky strands versus sun-damaged locks. To preserve shine (without avoiding sunlight) spritz this product into dry and styled hair. It will instantly restock your locks with essential, hydrating oils.

Reserve this lightweight serum for those ultra-humid days when taming tresses in the a.m. is not enough treatment. To maintain shine, slip the bottle into your purse and apply a few drops to your ends throughout the day.

This spray is free of parabens, sulphates and other harmful chemicals thanks to all-natural plant oils like camelia and olive. The oils help to polish and nourish the strands while giving the hair a natural sheen.

This product has been hailed by beauty buffs and stars alike (Kim K. and Emily Blunt swear by it). Moroccan oil is packed with essential vitamins and proteins to help you achieve a celeb-worthy shine.

If fragrance is your tress deal breaker, you’ll struggle to part ways with this balm. Expect to be hit by the sweet scent of almond and coconut, as almond extracts inject moisture into strands, while coconut oil calms hair and adds a natural, satiny finish.

This may look like your average hairspray, but with ingredients like aloe, rosemary, and jojoba, it's a styler that deserves recognition. Think of it as hairspray with benefits: not only does it have strong hold, but it spritzes on shine and (bonus) protects your strands from sun damage.

Don’t let the petite blue bottle fool you — this Aveda hair mist is a master of its craft. It will conquer summer frizz and deliver lustrous tresses thanks to a praised main ingredient: Vitamin E. There’s a reason we need it in our diet.

This product is the ideal roll-out-of-bed quick fix. It acts as both a styling oil and hairspray, and is part heat protector. Basically, it does it all. Spray a quick mist over dry hair for an all-day shine that fights unsightly frizz and humidity.
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Story by Brittany Devenyi

These tried and true products guarantee silky tresses.


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